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comic issues

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Devilish laugh

stuff that fell outPosted by Ned Salamander Mon, March 18, 2019 21:11:03
I’m all about synchronicity. Heard something interesting today which turns out is very timely.

Your first laugh comes from playing peekaboo. It’s been theorised that as a baby your biggest fear is having your mother, which is your god, abandon you. Babies cry in the absence of god and are comforted in their return. In peekaboo the mother hides their face, causing an involuntary response of shock/horror in the babies mind. Her face has gone from sight but reappears with a smile and a funny noise. The baby has been reassured god is still here. When it’s repeated the baby begins to be complicit in the actions. Knowing god hasn’t really left but taking part in the simulation. A baby’s first giggle comes from them taking their worst fear and controlling it, getting one up on it, laughing at it.

‘You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time. The devil cannot stand mockery.’
– Stephen Colbert with help from C.S. Lewis

Trump is slang for fart.