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comic issues

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80's horror comedy

stuff that fell outPosted by Ned Salamander Thu, February 12, 2015 16:19:27
The horrors we experience in our childhood are with us forever. We can try to banish or ignore or exorcise them with therapy, love, drink and drugs but we know they will always be lurking, deep down waiting. Waiting for that moment you let the wall crack and then the darkness floods back in rendering you a terrified tot all over again. Your past traps you in a living nightmare that doesn’t let you wake.

Well that’s the way I feel about 70’s and 80’s comedians any way. They were fucking petrifying. Why did they have so much skin on them? The excess of outer membrane folding over and into each other. Some with sunken eyes full of somber carnage, some with bulging eyes that stare into the gloom of men’s souls. Deep black bags of sleepless nights and heavy secrets hung under their violating peepers and lines on their faces that were stomped in by seeing too much cruelty on ‘the circuit’.

These comedy nightmares chase me down and tell me mother-in-law jokes while gaggling their suggestive laughs down my throat, all the while pulling gurning faces and biting me with a bird shaped sock. Oh the terror they inflict.

Still better than that cunt Russell Howard though eh