comic issues

comic issues

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Sick Nostalgia

stuff that fell outPosted by Ned Salamander Mon, March 18, 2019 21:26:49
The end of term party in junior school was sullied when the fat kid ate all the ham sandwiches that were meant to be for the whole class. Greed made him force them down, physiology forced them back up. I cannot explain what force gripped him to commence his next action. As The half chewed, slightly digested mess covered the floor he began to pick the pieces of ham out of his sick and eat them again.

In the late 1980s, Carter USM was quoted as saying ‘pop culture will eat itself’. Now we must update and amend by saying ‘Pop culture will eat itself, throw up, then eat its own sick.’

And thats my review of The film ‘Ready Player One’

Its a Fat kid eating his own vomit.