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Adam West is the BEST

stuff that fell outPosted by Ned Salamander Mon, March 18, 2019 20:59:14
Not even once. Not even one time, not ever, did I find the 1966 Batman a joke, campy, silly show. To me it was serious adventure with deadly consequences at stake each week.

Adam West will forever be my on screen Batman. I was reading a Batman comic when I heard of his passing. He introduced me to the Bat world and that has shaped my entire life since. From my hobbies, to my passion, to my friends I found, to my psyche, to just about every part of my life. And death probably, as we all know one day you are going to find my corpse in a bat cowl and cape. Its not a sex kink thing, it’s a vigilante thing. Genuine.

And, fuck me, those fight scenes- honestly they are still my favourite fight scenes in any tv show or film I have ever seen. I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the show and for the ‘fight music’ to kick in. I fucking loved it. I felt it. I swung left hooks when Adam did and screamed ‘look out’ when the villainous guest star tried to get him in a cowardly sneak attack from behind. Those dastardly pricks. You can keep your Tony Jaas, Bruce Lees, Van Dammes cos there’s one guy who would have taken them all down, to a sweet ass rabble rousing jazz backing track.

When you see my eyes glaze over and look into the distance odds are its not the drugs but I’m just thinking about Batman. I do every day.

And now im thinking about what Adam West was and is for me. And now I’m crying.


Not even once.

Good bye old chum