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stuff that fell outPosted by Ned Salamander Wed, February 26, 2014 12:34:44

So I’ve been going to comic cons for almost 20 years. Oh cheese and rice, do I feel like an ancient geek after writing that. But the comic convention in Cardiff this Saturday March 1st will be the first time I have tried to shill my wears.

It’s an odd feeling as I have always had a schizophrenic relationship with small press. The good thing about small press is that anyone can produce a self published comic. The bad thing about small press is anyone can produce a self published comic. There is no quality control. Nor should there be. I can genuinely say at the monument I look forward to a small press comic more than anything from DC or Marvel. (That’s Lou Scannon by the way. Stiffs and The Pride are also top quality and among my small press buy list. Check ‘em out).

I was part of a fanzine type of thing way back pre internet. My then girlfriend used to call it wanking in public. Which is exactly what vanity publishing is I suppose. So come along Saturday to the motor-point arena and see a room full of people try to sell you their wank mags.

As well as my ‘Good Guys’ comic I will also be hocking this hot gizum.